Marriage License

Marriage License

Under Massachusetts state law a prospective couple must jointly file their intention to marry with the clerk of any municipality in the Commonwealth.   The law requires the following:

  • A mandatory three-day waiting before the clerk can issue a marriage license.
  • Bring valid identification; drivers license, social security card or unexpired passport.
  • Have the below listed information ready at time of application:
    • Planned date of marriage.
    • Name, current address, telephone number and planned name changes for each. 
    • Name, address and telephone number of the officiant. (Person who will perform/officiate the marriage ceremony)
  • The officiant must be registered with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to solemnize the marriage.

Once the marriage license is issued:

  • It is valid for sixty (60) days from the date the intentions have been filed.  
  • It may be used in any municipality in the Commonwealth.  
  • It is not valid in any state other than the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  

The fee for "Marriage Intention" in the Town of Ashfield is $15.00.  The fee varies within the Commonwealth since it is set by the municipality.

The fee for a certified copy of "Marriage License" is $10 payable to the town of Ashfield.

For an appointment, additional information or questions email Ashfield Town clerk or phone 413-628-4441 Ext 5.