Mass 9-1-1

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CALL 911 for ALL police, fire, medical and any other emergency using any mobile or landline phone.  

TEXT 911 if you cannot call 911 using your mobile phone.  

USE the "Silent Call Procedure" (shown below) If you you're unable to communicate your emergency.

DO NOT CALL the police or fire stations in case of emergencies since they are not always staffed even during working hours.

Text 9-1-1

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On December 14, 2018, Text-to-9-1-1 was deployed across the Commonwealth. This is one of the most exciting changes for accessibility to emergency services in more than 20 years. When a citizen sends a text message to 911, it will be routed to an emergency call center based on the location information provided by the carrier. For this reason, when a citizen sends a Text-to-9-1-1, they should make every effort to text the town name, address or location that they are located in.  

For more on Text-to-9-1-1 review this informative FAQ.

The Silent Call Procedure

If you're unable to communicate your emergency for any reason, you can indicate your need for help by pressing digits on your telephone's keypad. 

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Once you've dialed 9-1-1 and an operator has answered, you can press:

  • if you need police
  • 2 if you need fire services
  • 3 if you need an ambulance

If you're asked a question during the call, you can press:

  • 4 to respond yes
  • 5 to respond no