Ashfield Burial Ground Association, Inc.

Ashfield Burial Ground Association, Inc. (ABGA, Inc.) owns all the cemeteries in Ashfield, except those on private property. ABGA's president, Thomas Graves, is the person who takes care of the cemeteries and the person who is in charge of selling burial lots and doing any burials in these lots.

There are presently 11 known cemeteries in Ashfield, of which four are on private land with family members of former owners of these properties buried there. In 2005 Nancy Garvin, researcher from the Ashfield Historical Society (AHS), began working with an Ashfield family descendant, Carol Booker. Together they read and recorded all the gravestones in these cemeteries and photographed many of the stones.  Since then a member of AHS has put their work on and continues to update the burials since then.

For the history on Ashfield Burial Ground Association and the cemeteries in Ashfield refer to the documents listed below, authored by Nancy Garvin of AHS:

Anyone who owns a burial plot in an Ashfield Cemetery, or who is an heir of an owner, is a member of the Ashfield Burial Ground Association and may attend the annual meeting.

Officers of the Ashfield Burial Ground Association

Name Title
Thomas Graves President and Burial Agent
Stephen Lilly Vice President
Gail Wiedmann Secretary and Treasurer

Members of the Board

  • Susan Craft
  • John Dickinson
  • Barry Scott


Contact Thomas Graves to purchase a burial plot, for burial information, or to arrange for a burial, at 413-628-3920 or at 413-628-3230. His office hours are 9 to 10 on Wednesday mornings.


Meetings are held annually.  Agendas for the annual meetings are posted each year at the Town Hall by the Town Clerk.