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Senior Services Survey

  1. 1. After reviewing the attached list of services provided by the Shelburne Senior Center and the Ashfield Council on Aging, do you feel that Ashfield's seniors' needs are being met?

  2. 2. Were you aware of the services available through the Senior Center in Shelburne?

  3. 3. If you have not utilized the Senior Center in Shelburne in the past, do you see yourself using these services in the future?

  4. Senior Services Provided in ASHFIELD

  5. Would you like to see more of the Senior Center in Shelburne services provided in Ashfield?

  6. 5. Which services would you like to see provided in Ashfield? Please list 3 services which you feel are most valuable to you.

  7. 6. In general, what could the Town of Ashfield do to help us all age more comfortably in our apartments and homes?

  8. 7.Would you rather take care of your needs by yourself and/or with help from friends and family rather than relying on the Town of Ashfield and/or Shelburne Senior Center

  9. Senior Center in Shelburne Expansion

    The Shelburne Senior Center, located in downtown Shelburne Falls, serves the towns of Ashfield, Shelburne, and Buckland. Ashfield presently pays approximately $42,000 per year for services, and the costs increase every year. The Center is thriving; however, it has outgrown its current building and is exploring an expansion plan which would offer improved space for new and existing programs. The hope is to be able to better serve the senior citizens in our three towns. An expansion would probably come with a significant, undetermined investment from Ashfield.

  10. 8. Would you be comfortable with the Senior Center costs to the town of Ashfield potentially

    Doubling? Yes or No Tripling? Yes or No

  11. In-Town Services

  12. 9. Should Ashfield consider hiring a person to be a Senior Services Coordinator to operate only in town and specifically for Ashfield residents? This would be a part time, paid position for a period of time to determine if Ashfield seniors would make good use of the service. Would senior services coordinated by an Ashfield based person be useful to you?

  13. 10. Do you feel you would take more advantage of senior services if they were offered here in town as compared to being offered only in Shelburne?

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