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Meetings are held on the last Thursday of the month at noon at Dodson Associates on Main Street. Pizza lunch is served.

Tree Committee Minutes

  1. Microsoft Word document Oct 26,2011
  2. Microsoft Word document Sep 28,2011

Goals and Responsibilities

Work with the Tree Warden to plant, protect and maintain Ashfield's public street trees. Meet regularly with the Tree Warden. Keep the Select Board informed of committee's work.

Coordinate with the Ashfield Tree Warden and the Massachusetts Highway Department on tree clearing, maintenance and planting issues on state highways in town.

Coordinate with the Ashfield Tree Warden and WMECO on tree clearing and maintenance issues on town roads.

Raise funds for tree planting and maintenance from private individuals, foundations and corporations. Advocate for tree related public funding.

Educate the public on the value of street trees and organize special events, Arbor Day activities and participation in efforts such as Tree City USA.

Organize volunteers to plant and maintain trees along public ways and public lands throughout Ashfield. Create a "Friends of Ashfield's Trees" group to work with the committee on fundraising, planting and maintenance.

Ensure that the requirements of the Public Shade Tree Act (MGL Chapter 87) are applied in Ashfield including the requirement to hold public hearings before the clearing of trees from town roads.

Advocate/educate for the reduction of hazards to trees: road salt, compaction, excavation, mowing damage, road widening, overhead utility lines.

Promote the historic character and beauty of Ashfield's roads and highways.

Work with the Tree Warden to ensure that trees do not threaten roads and public utilities.