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Technology Committee


Broadband Information

The technology committee maintains a separate page on the current campaign to bring fiber-to-the-home for all Ashfielders.



  • Advocate for telecommunication services for all town residents, including broadband internet, cellular and copper-line telephone service.
  • Provide support in cooperation with town consultants or employees, if any, for management, maintenance, development, procurement, deployment and use of information technology and telecommunication services as needed by the town and town-related organizations and events. Such support would specifically include the town website and computers, telephone and internet systems in town municipal buildings.
  • Advise and support the operational needs of the Ashfield Municipal Light Plant.
  • Serve as liaison with regional technology entities such as Western Mass Connect, Massachusetts Broadband Institute, and WiredWest.

Contact: Technology Committee, Town Hall, 412 Main St, Ashfield MA 01330

Our Current Projects:


David KulpChair
Juliet Jacobson
Charlie HeathAdvisory role (service provider)webmaster
Andy Smith
Brian Clark
George Stephan


As needed

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WiredWest Communications is an organization representing almost 50 rural western Massachusetts towns, including Ashfield.

Its goal is to design, finance, build, and operate a municipally owned fiber optic network to provide high speed internet, digital television and telephone services to all residents, businesses, and institutions.

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