Ashfield Beach

"Ashfield Beach" by Charlie Heath

Parks Commission

Swim Lessons

The Ashfield Park Commission is offering swim lessons at Ashfield Lake in 2017.  The lessons are held Monday thru Thursday starting July 10th thru July 21st.  For details download and return a completed registration form along with the  required fee by July 6th.



  • Ashfield Park Commission, P.O. Box 560, Ashfield, MA 01330


Meetings are scheduled as needed at Town Hall.

Commission members

Sally Rice     2018
Judy Haupt     2019 
Kyle Taylor     2017



  1. Prepare Belding Memorial Park Annual Budget.
  2. Oversee maintenance of the Belding Memorial Park
  3. Implement rules and regulations mandated per Massachusetts state law
  4. Direct the operation of the lake facility and beach
  5. Hire life guards and support personnel
  6. Purchase supplies
  7. Authorize payment of invoices
  8. Conduct monthly public meeting
  9. Take minutes at monthly public meeting
  10. Other duties include lay out plans and improve park, make rules for the use including a police force to act in such parks. The Park and Recreation Commission will define the powers and duties and do all acts needful for the proper execution of their powers and duties. The Park and Recreation Commission will have the power to conduct park programs and recreation activities at places other than such public parks.

Our Trust from Milo M. Belding, Jr. when he donated the land around the lake to the town, as a memorial to his father Milo Merrick Belding and his mother, Emily Leonard Belding in 1928;

To have and to hold the granted premises with all the privileges and appurtenances thereto belonging, including any buildings erected thereon, to the said inhabitants of the Town of Ashfield forever, in trust nevertheless for the perpetual use and maintenance thereon as a Public Park for the use and benefit of any and all the residents of the Town of Ashfield. It being a condition of this transfer and dedication of such park to public use that no part thereof and no buildings thereon shall ever be leased, occupied or used for any private business or residence, or in any way that will impair its beauty or interfere with its free and uninterrupted use a pleasure resort for the inhabitants of the Town. Said Public Park to be known as the “M. M. Belding, Jr. Memorial Park

Belding Memorial Park Rules and Regulations

Voted May 20th, 2017

  1. No person shall build a fire for any purpose except in the places provided.
  2. The cutting, mutilating, moving or taking away of trees, shrubs, flowers or wood, is prohibited.
  3. Disorderly conduct, obscene or indecent language or behavior, or the possession or drinking of intoxicating liquors is prohibited.
  4. No person shall permit a dog to be at large (unleashed) in the Lower Park (beach and picnic areas). Pick up after your dog throughout the Park. Only service dogs are allowed on the beach.
  5. Hunting, trapping and the use of fire-arms is prohibited in the Park.
  6. No person shall remove or deface any sign, poster or building within the Park.
  7. Garbage and other refuse resulting from picnicking or other causes shall be deposited in containers for that purpose.
  8. No person shall operate a motor vehicle or bicycle on any Park property other than within the parking areas of the Park, and furthermore, shall operate at a speed not in excess of ten(10) miles per hour. (As Amended 4/16/1985)
  9. The maximum horsepower of any power-operated boat or canoe using the waters of Ashfield Lake, shall not exceed five (5) horsepower. ( as amended 4/7/1984
  10. No person shall anchor or moor any raft or float, nor construct any pier or dock within the limits of the Park, without first obtaining a written permit from the Park Commission to do so.
  11. No glass containers, etc., will be permitted to be taken into the beach or swimming area in the Park.
  12. Persons using the facilities of the Park must observe all regulations set up by the Park Commission and comply with any request made by a life guard or other person in charge of the area.