Upcoming Events

  1. Technology Committee MeetingAgenda
    1. Open the Meeting (Chair)
    2. Review and approval of minutes from previous meetings
    3. MBI: Pole survey, participation agreement, last mile policy and RFP
    4. Representative to MBI Advisory Committee
    5. Website
    6. IT updates
    7. Items not reasonably anticipated by the chair 48 hours in advance of the meeting
    8. Adjourn the Meeting
    Mon, Oct 24 09:30 am
  2. Finance Committee MeetingAgenda
    1. Open the Meeting (Chair)
    2. A discussion with Clark Rowell of Unibank about the feasibility of private citizens of Ashfield investing in some form of debt instrument designed to save the town money as it undertakes the funding of a town-wide FTTH broadband system.  Members of the Select Board, Technology Committee, and Finance Committee may be present, but only in the capacity of individuals learning about what form(s) of financing might fulfill this objective.  No formal decisions would be made about such financing.  If such financing were to be undertaken, it would have to be subsequently and formally recommended and approved at a subsequent, publicly noticed meetings of the Finance Committee and Select Board.
    3. Items not reasonably anticipated by the chair 48 hours in advance of the meeting
    4. Upcoming Meetings
    5. Adjourn the Meeting
    Tue, Oct 25 07:00 pm
  3. Conservation Commission MeetingAgenda
    1. Open the Meeting (Chair)
    2. Appointments
    3. Review and approval of minutes from previous meetings
    4. Continuation of Mountain Stream, LLC RDA Meeting
    5. Peter Curtis Solar array on Murray Road
    6. Jack Shea RDA for raising his sugarhouse foundation
    7. On-line building permits
    8. Items not reasonably anticipated by the chair 48 hours in advance of the meeting
    9. Upcoming Meetings
    10. Adjourn the Meeting
    Wed, Oct 26 06:45 pm
  4. Personnel Board MeetingAgenda
    1. Open the Meeting (Chair)
    2. Appointments, if any
    3. Review and approval of minutes from previous meetings
    4. Review Treasurer job description and prepare recommendations for Select Board
    5. Items not reasonably anticipated by the chair 48 hours in advance of the meeting
    6. Upcoming Meetings -  dates and topics
    7. Adjourn the Meeting
    Thu, Oct 27 07:00 pm

Town Clerk


Town ClerkBridget Rodrigue
HoursMon-Thu 9-4
Phone413-628-4441 x5
AddressTown Hall, 412 Main Street, P.O. Box 560

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Chief Election Official:

Responsible for running elections, preparing ballots, absentee balloting, voter registration.

Also, for recording all actions of Annual and Special town meetings, special voting sessions before every election and town meeting, and employing sufficient poll workers for the orderly conduct of an election.

Prepares, records and reports official election results to the Secretary of State of the Commonwealth.

Certifies nomination papers, and serves on the local Board of Registrars. Conducts the annual town census, prepares the street list of residents and school list, and furnishes the jury list to the Office of Jury Commissioner.

Recording Officer:

Records and certifies all official actions of the Town, including town meeting legislation and appropriations.

Planning and Zoning Board Decisions, signs all notes for borrowing and keeps the Town Seal.

Registrar of Vital Statistics:

Records and preserves original birth, marriage, and death records, and providing this information to the Commonwealth’s for the central vital registration system.

Public Records Officer:

Administers the oath of office to all elected and appointed members of local committees and boards and ensures that all elected and appointed officials are informed of the State’s Open Meeting Law and Conflict of Interest Laws. All elected and appointed officials are sworn to the faithful performance of their duties by the Town Clerk. Each person will receive and be asked to sign an acknowledgement of extracts pertaining to the "Open Meeting Laws", and the "Conflict of Interest Law". The signed acknowledgement is prima facie evidence that each person is cognizant of those laws and should act accordingly. They will also now be required to complete an online training program at www.mass.gov/ethics under Education and Training Resources. This training must be completed within 30 days of appointment or election and every 2 years thereafter.

Posts meeting notices of all government bodies.

Provides access to public records in compliance with State Public Records Law.

Provides certified copies of vital records and assisting in genealogical research for members of the public, and is responsible for maintenance, disposition, and preservation of municipal archival records and materials.

Submits bylaws and zoning bylaw amendments to the Attorney General for approval.

Licensing Officer:

Issues state licenses and permits: including marriage licenses, county or local licenses, permits and certifications as mandated by statute or bylaw, includes burial permits, business certificates and dog licenses.

Certification of any document or action recorded and filed in the Town Clerk's Office is the responsibility of the Town Clerk.