Upcoming Events

  1. Select Board and Finance Committee FY16 Budget MeetingAgenda
    1. Open (Chairs)
    2. Appointments: Diane Wilder, Chief, APD, Police Department budget request
    3. Minutes: 3/16/15, 3/23/15, 3/25/15
    4. FY16 Budget: Final discussions, schedule, ATM Warrant and ballot
    5. Special Town Meeting, Monday, April 6, 7p.m.: discussion, warrant, motions
    6. Select Board only: a. Designate Vice-Chair Ron Coler to sign ongoing Tighe and Bond paperwork regarding lake dam and retaining wall projects; b. Liaison Reports; c. Mail
    7. Items not reasonably anticipated by chair(s) 48 hours in advance of the meeting
    8. Upcoming Meetings: Set meeting schedule through May 2 Annual Town Meeting
    9. Close
    Mon, Mar 30 07:00 pm
  2. Historical Commission MeetingAgenda
    1. Open the Meeting (Chair)
    2. Appointments
    3. Review and approval of minutes from previous meetings
    4. Topic: Ashfield 250 Celebration
    5. Items not reasonably anticipated by the chair 48 hours in advance of the meeting
    6. Upcoming Meetings
    7. Adjourn the Meeting
    Tue, Mar 31 07:00 pm
  3. Planning Board MeetingAgenda
    1. Open the Meeting (Chair)
    2. Review Mail
    3. Review and approval of minutes from previous meetings
    4. Discussion of Associate Member Bylaw
    5. Discussion of changes to Telecommunications Bylaw
    6. Discussion on Senior Citizen Housing Draft Bylaw
    7. Possible update and discussion on wind power
    8. Items not reasonably anticipated by the chair 48 hours in advance of the meeting
    9. Upcoming Meetings
    10. Adjourn the Meeting
    Wed, Apr 1 07:30 pm
  4. Parks Commission MeetingAgenda
    1. Open the Meeting (Chair)
    2. Appointments
    3. Review and approval of minutes from previous meetings
    4. upper park, preparing for furniture placement.
    5. lower park, preparing for cleanup, hiring new lifeguard. Reviewing opening of beach.
    6. Items not reasonably anticipated by the chair 48 hours in advance of the meeting
    7. Upcoming Meetings
    8. Adjourn the Meeting
    Thu, Apr 9 07:00 pm
  5. Planning Board MeetingAgenda
    2. Open the Meeting (Chair) 
    3. Review Minutes
    4. Review Mail
    5. Ashfield Senior Housing Bylaw:  Set standards for multi-unit senior housing within a new zoning district in the town center of Ashfield
    6. Changes to the Telecommunications Facilities Bylaw including exemptions for small antennae and co-location, restrictions on setback, camouflage, impact statements
    7. Change Bylaw to allow Associate Member to serve on the Planning Board
    8. Upcoming Meetings
    9. Adjourn the Meeting
    Wed, Apr 15 07:30 pm
  6. Technology Committee MeetingAgenda

    Broadband Informational Town Meeting


    Thu, Apr 16 07:00 pm
  7. Technology Committee MeetingAgenda

    Broadband Information Town Meeting

    Sun, Apr 26 01:00 pm

Ashfield Police Department


    • PO Box 355, 412 Main Street
    • Ashfield, MA 01330
      • Emergency: 9-1-1
      • Office: (413) 628-4441 ext. 1
      • Dispatch: 413-625-8200
      • Fax: (413) 628-3350

Scheduled Office Hours 

Due to response to calls and other responsibilities, we do not have scheduled office hours. Please call prior to coming to our office in order to make sure we are in. If you wish to schedule an appointment to see an officer, please leave a message on our voice mail. We will return your call as promptly as possible. If you require a new or renewal FID or LTC, please contact Auxiliary Officer Betty Lesure to schedule an appointment.

Thank you.



Diane Wilder  Unit 2-1

Email: chief@ashfield.org

Patrol Officers:

Jarek Konopko  Unit 2-3
Charlie Wilder   Unit 2-4
Chris Mattson     2-5
Greg Dekoschak 2-6
Brett Mautuszko  2-7
Jim Bernier        2-8 

Auxiliary Officers:

Betty Lesure Firearm's Clerk

Kyle Walker

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When should I call 911?

9-1-1 lines are designated for emergency calls, such as reporting a crime in progress, reporting a fire, or requesting an ambulance.  Call the dispatch at 413-625-8200 or the business office at 413-628-4441x1 for non-emergency purposes.  More information on 9-1-1.

Q. Who should I call about a loose or problem dog, or a problem animal such as a sick raccoon or dead bird?

A. You should call Warren Kirkpatrick, the Ashfield Animal Control Officer, at (413) 628-3811.

Q. Can the police department check my home or business while I am away on vacation?

A. Yes. This is a special service provided by your police department. Please fill out our online form or pick one up and drop it off at the police station before you leave. Officers on patrol will randomly check on the security of your home while you are away.

Q. If on returning home I find my door open, should I go inside?

A. NEVER go into a building where you suspect a burglary may be in progress. Go to a neighbor's house and call the police. If you arrive home and find a broken window, an alarm sounding, or another indication of a break-in, DO NOT GO IN. You do not want to encounter an intruder, or damage any evidence such as fingerprints or footprints.

Q. I need to apply for or renew my pistol permit. How do I do this?

A. Contact the police department at our main number, or call Auxiliary Officer Lesure at 413-628-3200 to schedule an appointment. Firearms forms are available under "Resources" on this website.

Q. I need a copy of a police report. How do I obtain one?

A. The police department provides a request form, available at the police department, that is submitted to the Chief of Police in order to request a copy of a police report. By state law, the police department has ten (10) days to respond to a request for a copy of records. Copies are $.20 per page for photocopies. Records will not be released until any and all fees are paid. Certain records are confidential per state law and may only be released to authorized persons.

Q. Are the Ashfield Police available to speak to my business or social group?

Yes, the Ashfield Police Department has a very strong, committed community policing philosophy. We would be happy to provide a speaker to come out and talk to your group about specific or general law enforcement related topics. Please call Chief Droney for more information.