Ashfield Fire Station - fire conditions

Visit fire station for current conditions

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Fire Department


  • Burn Permit

    Fire Department


      412 Main Street, P.O. Box 560
    • (413) 628-4441 ext. 2
    • Fax: (413) 628-0184
    • e-mail:

    Meeting Schedule

    Fire Department Monthly Meetings First Wednesday of every month.
    Ashfield is an on-call Fire Department

    Fire Department Personnel

    Chief: Del Haskins
    Assistant Chief: Alan Taylor
    Fire Captains: Matt Haskins, Michael Purcell
    Fire Lieutenants: Kyle Walker, Jacob Niquette 
    EMT: Kyle Walker, Colleen Scott, Michael Purcell, Jacob Niquette, Andre Chaput
    Medical Director: Kyle Walker
    Firefighters Doug Field, Deb Craven, Bill Burnett, Donna Sarro, Doug Mollison, Tiertz Schwartz, Andre' Chapet, Colleen Scott, Trevor Meservey, Owen Robertson, Jared Taylor, David Christenson, Tim Williams, Bryan Dufresne
    Auxillary Members Jo Burnett, Fred Howes, Walt Craven, Karen Haskins, Dianne Field, Susan Urquhart, Bill Perlman, Alan Suprenant, Sunil Leue,  Penny Mollison

    Burning Season January 15th  to May 1st  click here for a Franklin County burn permit.