Police Department

Ashfield PD Uniform Patch

The mission of the Ashfield Police Department is to promote, preserve and deliver a feeling of security, safety and quality services to all members of our community through ethical decision making based upon integrity, morality and respect for the dignity and diversity of all.


  1. Beth Bezio

    Police Chief
    Phone: (413) 628-4441 ext. 1

  1. Daniel Thibault

    Phone: (413) 628-4441 ext. 1

  1. Fred Bezio

  1. Gretchen Gerstner

  1. Jerry Konopco

  1. Conan Pelc

  1. Mark Ruddock

  1. Gary Sibilia

  1. Dave Karbon

  1. Philip Snow

  1. Kyle Walker

Scheduled Office Hours  

Due to response to calls and other responsibilities, we do not have scheduled office hours. Please call prior to coming to our office in order to make sure we are in. If you wish to schedule an appointment to see an officer, please leave a message on our voice mail. We will return your call as promptly as possible. If you require a new or renewal FID or LTC, please contact Chief Beth Bezio at 413-628-1930 to schedule an appointment.


  • All Night Parking Ban:  As of December 1, 2017 it is unlawful to park vehicles on any street for a period of time longer than one hour between the hours of 11:00 PM and 8:00 AM.  Any vehicle parked illegally under the section III of the Traffic Rules and Orders of the Town of Ashfield shall be towed and the owners of said vehicle shall be responsible for such towing charges.  For information on this order refer to "All Night Parking Ban (Release 12/1/2017)".